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Monday, June 15, 2009

Family 5K/1Mile Run

So many fun and exciting things have been going on in our lives I thought I better hurry and document them before I start forgetting the details.The first week of June our family decided to run in our first ever 5k. Actually Lonica and I did the 1 mile and Dathan and the boys ran the 5k. It was so much fun. We all had a great time and did surprisingly well considering that none of us are really runners.The boys were amazing. Out of a couple hundred runners, Justin and Jalen came in together taking 4th and 5th place. Johnny was right behind them and came in 8th overall and taking 1st place in his age group. Dathan amazed me as well. He hurried home from a long day at work to join us. It was awesome watching him cross the finish line.Lonica was awsome and ran the mile like it was nothing. She came in first in in her age group as well. I finished the mile without having to call an ambulance and actually finished 2nd in the women over 40 group. Yay me!
The only disappointing thing was that Jordan was not able to get off work. We had been planning this for a while and he really wanted to come. Infact, he almost lost his job over the whole incident. But hey, now that we know we can do it. There will be plenty more opportunities. It was a fun event for all of us.