"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Cap and Hook $3.98
Bleach $1.50
Developer $3.25
An Afternoon of laughs Priceless

I just have to say how wonderful it is to have a daughter as fabulous as Loni. I really needed a pick me up and she had the great idea of giving me a make-over. Not bad for a nine year old eh?

We sure had fun taking pictures of ourselves.

before and after hee hee

"A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous… loving and caring and truly amazing." - Deanna Beisser

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

come'n clean

It is never too late to turn from the errors of our ways: He who repents of his sins is almost innocent. - Seneca

Well Sunday was quite a special day. Johnny was ordained a Deacon. My heart was so happy as I watched my handsome 12 year old pass the Sacrament for his first time. It actually got me thinking about the Sacrament and how privileged I am to participate in that ordinance each week. Isn't it wonderful that every Sunday we can renew our Baptismal covenants and come "clean".

Speaking of clean...Jalen had a great time playing mud volleyball a few weeks ago. In fact, it was so much fun that Loni couldn't resist jumping in.

Yes with a little work even the worst messes can come out as good as new.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super Star

I was going to add my own thoughts, but I think this says it all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Starting up

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life:

1. Not finishing, and...
2. Not starting."
Author Unknown

Thank you all for your sweet comments. I don't really know why it has been so difficult for me to get things posted lately. I guess the "not starting" thing is my big problem. Our family has had such wonderful things going on and we have been extreemly blessed. I really need to get it all written down.

So today I have decided to set some blogging/journaling goals for myself. Infact, I am going to set some goals in a few other areas of my life as well.

President Spencer W. Kimball said concerning goals:
We do believe in setting goals. We live by goals. We must have goals to make progress. Our total existence is goal-oriented.

Wow! Just what I needed to hear.

Look out world, the new and improved me in on its way.