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Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Madness

Okay, I am back and ready to start organizing my house again. Thanks for all the great feedback. I love knowing that we are doing this together. Remember only spend 10-15 minutes doing one task each day. Easy huh?

#1 the top of the refridgerator ( I had a request for that one)
#2 the silverware drawer
#3 one shelf in the pantry
#4 your make-up bag/drawer
#5 the junk drawer-you know pencils, scissors, tape, etc.

Empty, wipe, sanitize, and only put back what you need.
Have fun. I know I will.


Marla said...

Nell...you are making me tired. :) :) Can I have an out for another (24 weeks..)week? Can't wait for Christmas!

Kelsi said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I love all you cleaning ideas! One day I will be able to do it all! You give me hope! Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog! love ya, Kelsi

Grammy Staffy said...

Hun,are you going to check these out when you come to visit? If so I had better get busy.

Luv Ya, Mom

Shannon said...

I love your plan to clean out our lives. I'm so in. I have been doing this the last few weeks. (focusing on small specific areas) But your lists are great. So I'm off to clean to top shelf in the fridge.

Marie said...

Great lists Lynell! We just had a big clean out in our kitchen when we had it redone! Thankfully right now it's not too bad. I can remember what my junk drawer was like when I had the five kids at home! Junk drawers are very interesting, I think!

Amandawhatever said...

hey this is amanda i am nevers for solo tryouts and i have a poll i would love for you to vote see ya there are 2n more days to go see ya love amanda mingl

Corey and Susie said...

I'm taking notes...so when I actually have a house again I can organize and clean it!

By the way..thanks for saving Rachel Cook with her hair! I was so swamped I had no time to fit her in!