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Friday, April 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I'm it! Thanks Kelsi Ü
I've been a little slow to start playing but finally I am in the game.

5 Things On My ToDo List:

1. Take all the bags of clothes to D.I.
2. Get my hair colored.
3. Decorate the guest room.
4. Burn an inspirational music CD for my son.
(I'm looking for uplifting "cool" songs. Any suggestions?)
5. Clean out the pantry.

5 Jobs I've Had:

1. Cashier at K-mart. (while in high-school)
2. Server at The Brick Oven (while in college)
3. Photographer at Fotogenix.
4. Dance Instructor.
5. I own Monell Photography with my cousin. (we take pictures at a lot of the Dance Schools in the area)

5 Places I Have Lived:

1. Norco, Calif -where I grew up and my parents still reside.
2. Rexburg, Idaho-while I attended college, got married, and had my first baby boy.
3. Provo, Utah-while my husband finished school and we had our second baby boy.
4. Roy, Utah-first home, gave birth to two more baby boys.
5. Syracuse, Utah-broke the pattern had our baby girl.

5 Favorite Snacks:

1. Recess Peanut Butter Cups. (Just thinking about them makes my mouth water)
2. Snelgroves Frozen Custard
3. Cheetos
4. Eggo Waffles
5. Chips and Salsa
So much for my diet! hee hee

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

1. Buy a few houses around the world.
2. Start a college scholarship program for low income families.
3. Donate millions of dollars to http://www.signsofhopeinternational.org/ (I love you Erin)
4. Set up a fund to help less fortunate, neglected or abused children.
5. Get liposuction, a boob job, hair extentions and a personal cook, trainer and maid. (hey, it's a billion dollars)

5 Things you do not know about me:

1. My favorite color is GREEN. Just seeing it makes me smile!
2. I've always thought I should be a country singer. (even though I'm not a fan of Country music I have the perfect voice for it)
3. I LOVE listening to talk radio and have a secret crush on Glenn Beck. sshhh!
4. I will one day publish a childrens/youth motivational book.
5. I wear a girdle and a padded lift-up bra. (but not after I make that billion hee hee)

So, there it is. Everything you wanted to know about me and probably way more. Ü

Now it's your turn. I am tagging Erin, Grammy, Trish, and Susan. I actually wanted to tag everyone but figured we needed to leave some players in our little circle.
Sooo...Your it!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ These were fun to read! I think Glen Beck is awesome!!!

Lots of boys. I bet it's nice just for the fact of emotional stuff that girls tend to do ALL the time! :) I've noticed my son is much less moody than my girls! Have a great weekend!

Corey and Susie said...

So cute! I love reading these. And I am behind you 100% when it comes to Reeses...they are my biggest weakness, I LOVE them!

Tricia said...

Wow, Glen Who?? LOL! I think you'll be an excellent book writer, can't wait to buy it! =)

Heather said...

It's amazing what a good push-up bra can do for a girl! Ditto on all of the lipo,boob job,maid, chef stuff too!

Grammy Staffy said...

Is one of those houses you'd have a guest house for me and dad so we could come and visit and stay for weeks at a time? I know that would be your dream come true!!HeeHee

Grammy Staffy said...

p.s. I can't wait until May when I can see how you have decorated the guest room. Just kidding.

Now that I am tagged am I suppose to type up the same lists and fill them in?

Love you.

julie said...

I just accidentally got on your sons site and saw him "walk down the stairs!" That was crazy! Amazing. I'm super impressed.

SuperCoolMom said...

Let it go by Rob Thomas is one of my recent favorite songs - from Meet the Robinson's.

Lisa Cannon said...

Fun tag! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It is so fun getting to know new people.

Cecilia Mills said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog...I'm still kind of new to this blogging world and I don't have a lot of people that reads my blog, so I'm always delighted to meet new friends! I love the tag!
Your family is beautiful!!!

Kelsi Ackley said...

I swear you are me just a few years older! I loved the info! And I am totally with you on the boob job, lipo etc. so much for growing old gracefully! Take care!

Katie said...

You absolutely crack me up! I am with you on the Reese's, talk radio, boob job, lipo and padded bra bit. Who would have thought?

SuperCoolMom said...

Hey Lynell, I don't think I did get your email. Try lotsostuff at hotmail dot com

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Taking stuff to DI is ALWAYS on my to do list. Makes me wonder why I have so much stuff I don't need?

KATE said...

Great lists! I love Glenn Beck too, his tearful goodbye to President Hinckley made me tear up!

Yummm I love Reeses Peanut Butter cups too!

Cecily R said...

I've decided that we are destined to be blog friends because A)We have a lot of readers/commenters in common (Kate, Serious, Super and Cecilia) and B)anyone who lists Cheetos on their top five snacks has to be cool (although they would be #1 on my list of snacks and probably make it on my top five foods in general list...).

And I have about 12 bags of clothes that need to go to the DI PRONTO.

PS. Have you tried the Singles Ward sound tracks for songs for your son? My 19 year old brother digs them and he's fairly picky about music. Just a thought...

Erin said...

Hey, thank you for thinking of my African kids! Now I will start praying that you become a billionaire very soon!

You could totally be a country singer... I say go for it! I'll the first to buy your CD!