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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dancing Queen

This past weekend was a busy one. Besides a wrestling match, soccer game and gymnastics meet, we had Lonica's first dance competition of the season. She has been practicing and working on new skills for months. So Saturday was her chance to go and show off her stuff.

She competed as a junior, intermediate dancer in two solo categories, lyrical and jazz. And, I just have to say, "WOW!!" She came out and brought down the house. She was born to perform. Combine that with countless hours of rehearsals and well ...I am sure that you can guess the outcome.

She did great on both dances. She took 1st on her jazz, and queen on her lyrical. Then she was crowned the Overall High Point Queen for her lyrical solo. Which meant that she scored higher on that dance than all the other girls in the Junior age group (8-12). Remember, she is only 8. That was totally unexpected for me. In fact, I had left the awards ceremony and was down in the dressing room when another mom called to let me know that she had won. Can you believe it?

She truly is a "Dancing Queen"

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Grammy S. said...

Oh my goodness!!! Lonica you are amazing!! When you were born at Easter I knew you would be my honey bunny forever but I never dreamed that you would be able to "hop" around a stage with such style and grace. I am so proud of you. The only sad thing is that I was not there to watch you win. I love you so much. Grammy

Jyl-Lee said...

Hi my little Lonnie,
Look at you !!
What form you have.
I love you
Aunt Jyl-Lee

Erin said...

Holy Cow! That is amazing!! I wish we could have been there to cheer you on! We love you so much! Good job Loni!Congratulations!!

Marla said...

Awesome job Dancing Queen!!! Is that trophy twice as tall as you??? Are you going to take it to school for show and tell?!! Congratulations!

KATE said...

Wow, she is great! My Savannah competes too! Where do you guys dance? Savannah is competeing in the Boutiful competition this Saturday. Will you be there?