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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Will to Win

This year Justin started school at a newly built high school. The decision was made that Seniors wouldn't transfer over, allowing them to graduate from the school that they felt loyal to. So Justin, as a Junior, is the oldest at the school and will also be in the first graduating class next year.
Fun for Justin. Not so great for the athletic dept.

A few weeks ago the school held their soccer tryouts. Congratulations to Justin for not only making the team, but for also being voted the captain. At the parents meeting we were informed that besides obviously not having any Seniors, there are only 5 Juniors on the team. "Oh my gosh" I thought "We are going to be slaughtered"

Friday was the first game and I am happy to announce that our team came out and played like champions. The game ended with a score of 4-0. Justin played the whole game and actually scored the 4th goal. He gave it his all and it was so exciting! No one expected this win (especially not the other team). It seemed impossible. But luckily these boys believed they could do it, and they did. Way to go guys.

"Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools." Napoleon Bonaparte


Erin said...

Way to go Justie! Man, captain of the varsity soccer team?? Watch out... the girls are gonna be busting down your door! But I bet they're already doing that! What an honor to be voted captain by your team. You rock!!

Grammy S. said...

Ditto to everything that Erin said. We are so proud of you Justin. You do rock!! Of course we are proud of you for so many reasons that this just adds one more to the list. Keep up the good work dear. Grammy
p.s. I've tried to post a comment 3times and it keeps coming back to me. If you get 3 of these comments I guess you will just know that I am trible proud of you. Luv ya

Grammy S. said...

Lynell thanks for posting these great pictures. I'm really enjoying watching the blogs. I'm so glad that Marla got us started with this. Have a good day dear. Mom

Marla said...

Your kids are ROCK STARS. Serious rock stars. Do they do anything average? :) :) We love and miss them!!

Jyl-Lee said...

WOW my handsome Nephew!!!
You are a stud,
and I love you!!
I'd like to come to some games
this summer K? Let me know when.
Any sport

Aunt Jyl-Lee