"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why Not Today?

Yesterday I had a long talk with Johnny. He loves gymnastics, trains for 3 and a half hours-4 days a week, and is doing a phenomenal job. However, he continues to struggle on the pommel horse. It's a tough event, especially for an 11 year old. He has yet to complete his routine without falling. When I ask him how he is doing, his answers are something like: "it's impossible", "I'll never be able to do it" and "I suck".

As a mother I am constantly looking for ways to motivate him. I know that most of the problem is his attitude. Each day when I drop him off at the gym I have him repeat a quote I love "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" (Henry Ford). He says it, but does he believe it? Obviously not!

So, we talked. Together we agreed that one day he would get this routine. One day he would move on to harder skills. One day he would look back and think that this routine was a piece of cake. And then I looked him in the eye and said "Why not today?" As soon as I said it I knew it was perfect. It was inspired. In an instant our lives were changed.

There are so many things I don't try because I say to myself "It's impossible", "I'll never be able to do it" and "I suck". Today however, I woke up and thought of a few things that I have been wanting to do, but because I am too lazy, too complacent, or too scared, haven't. Then I immediately heard the words "why not today?". I couldn't come up with any good reasons.

Today I am starting a family blog. Today I am going to look into taking a few classes at the university. Today I am going to start writing a book that I have been thinking about for a while. Today is an adventure. It is exciting and full of possibilities.

Will Johnny get his pommel routine today? You know, I think he just might. Why not?


Grammy S. said...

Why not today? For you my dear daughter who has never "sucked" at anything a day in your life, I believe that you can accomplish anything you want badly enough. However, I think that you are great with all that you already do. I'm glad that you started the blog. I think it is a fun way to keep in touch. As for going back to college and writing a book it may be hard to crowd in the 10 minutes of spare time you have each day. However, knowing you, why not!!! Love ya dear, Mom

Marla said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!!

I looked up your page and thought, "IS THAT JOHNNY?????" I still see him in my mind as the most adorable 2 year old ever. He's still the most adorable...or should I say handsome?

Erin said...

Yippee!! The Jacobsons have a blog! I'm so glad Marla introduced us to the unknown world of blogging. I love it! I can't wait to hear about all your happenings and etc. When your book is done, can I get a autographed copy? You've inspired me, I want to take a dance class and piano lessons... I will keep you posted! Love you sis!!

Grammy S. said...

How did Johnny do on his pommel horse routines this week? Love ya, Grammy

Jyl-Lee said...

Oh Johnny you are such a talented young man!! and so brave!!
Your doin it dude!

I love you
Aunt Jyl-Lee